4 Reasons Your Website Could Be Hurting Your Brand

4 Reasons Your Website Could Be Hurting Your Brand

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A strong presence on the Internet is necessary for your brand to get ahead, making your business website one of your most important assets. Your website is a crucial tool for you to engage potential customers about the products and services that you have to offer. That’s why user experience is crucial when putting together a website. Visitors should be able to smoothly navigate your website, stay engaged with your content, and easily find what they need. 

Unfortunately, many brands fall into the trap of creating ineffective websites that ultimately end up hurting their business. Here, you will learn about the four main reasons your website may be hurting your brand. 

1. An unintuitive interface that’s hard to navigate

How user-friendly a website will be for visitors is determined by the overall experience of visitors when they are on your website. This factor is so important that 88% of Americans aren’t too keen about brands without user-friendly websites or apps, even allowing it to impact their purchasing decisions.

slow loading website

Customers won’t wait for a lagging site and will likely exit if they can’t find what they need in a few clicks. This makes it necessary to ensure your website loads quickly, is accessible on all types of devices and is easy to navigate.

2. Cluttered or outdated appearance

When it comes to the Internet, first impressions are crucial. If your website looks outdated and poorly designed, customers will likely form similar opinions about your brand.  

Your website’s appearance is how your brand is perceived, which in turn impacts your brand’s reputation and credibility. Make sure your website design communicates your brand’s unique story and personality while maintaining an interface that’s easy to navigate. 

3. Information is disorganized

This goes hand-in-hand with the first two points. If your website content is disorganized, it is neither user-friendly nor aesthetically pleasing. Visitors will find it difficult to get to the information they need, leading to a higher chance of them bouncing or simply clicking away from your website.  

Always keep in mind that customers online want their queries answered as soon as possible and having an organized and streamlined website is key to helping them get around your site. 

4. Your website is not ADA compliant

ADA compliant

To be ADA compliant means that the website is easily navigable for individuals living with disabilities. It’s achieved by implementing certain designs according to ADA standards, such as text to speech for visually impaired users.  

Accessibility is an important factor when designing a website because it sends a message that your brand is inclusive and values customers from all walks of life.  

Create a professional, user-friendly and ADA-compliant website

Consider working with ADA Web Accessibility to create an effective website for your brand. They can help make your website ADA compliant, allowing you to reach and engage with more customers.  

Visit adawebaccessibility.com today to learn how to make your website more efficient at reaching and keeping customers while being ADA compliant! 


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