What is Website Accessibility?

Website Accessibility

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When websites are properly optimized in terms of content and layout, this adds to the world wide web’s overall accessibility. Accessible websites not only improve user experience. They also ensure that people living with disabilities can navigate the Internet in the same way that persons without disabilities can 

Additionally, such websites pave the way for smoother communication and transaction between all types of users online. This is why, as an owner of a business, you should ensure that your website is accessible by everyone. 

Website Accessibility

Website Accessibility

As mentioned, website accessibility allows people to have a smooth and streamlined user experience onlineSince the Internet is a major part of many people’s lives, it’s essential for websites to have an inclusive design. Otherwise, a significant number of people would have a hard time accessing sites that provide vital information or services.  

According to the World Bank, about a billion individuals, or 15% of the global populationhave a disability. Meanwhile, an estimated 110 to 190 million people are living with a significant or severe form of disability. These numbers highlight how necessary it is to make your website accessible. By doing so, it helps provide equal opportunities to those living with a disability. 

Web Accessibility Addresses User Needs

Prioritizing accessibility makes it easier for users to navigate your site and learn more about the content you’re sharing or services you’re providing. Below are some examples of how an accessible site can address different user needs and types of disabilities. 

  • Individuals with a Permanent Disability

    web accessibility for blind people

This can pertain to those who are blind, deaf, and with other similar disabilities that permanently affect an individual’s daily lifeWith an optimized site, accessibility is made easier. For instance, text transcripts will enable people with a hearing disability to get information from audio files or podcasts 

  • Individuals with a Temporary Disability

A temporary disability may either be a mental or physical impairment that hinders an individual from performing some activities as they typically would. Examples of these are broken limbs, migraines, or losing one’s glasses. As a website owner, you can address these by enabling keyboard navigations, using easy-to-read font styles, and choosing a clutter-free layout. 

  • Individuals with Situational Limitations

Situational limitations are usually due to external factors such as distractions, terrible lighting, and poor Internet connection. For those with slow network performanceyou can offer descriptive alt texts. This allows them to understand the images or multimedia files found oyour website. 

When creating and designing your business’s website, its crucial to take all of these types of disabilities into consideration.  

Make Your Website Accessible with ADA Web Accessibility

The Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, is a good guide for ensuring that your website is accessible to all individuals. If you need some assistance in ensuring that your website complies with ADA standardsADA Web Accessibility is your best bet. 

Being well-versed in ADA’s requirements and guidelines, we can help you create a website that’s accessible to everyoneContact us today and see how ADA Web Accessibility can make your site ADA-compliant. 


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