Improving Brand Strategy with ADA Web Accessibility

Improving Brand Strategy with ADA Web Accessibility

ADA web accessibility cuts the barriers that prevent individuals with disabilities from using and/or accessing digital technologies, such as websites. Consumers are becoming increasingly keen on choosing brands, products, and services that show a high level of social responsibility. Shoppers are more inclined to identify and favor your brand when it provides a digitally accessible experience.

ADA web accessibility benefits brands in two ways. First, it enables the business to welcome individuals with disabilities to use their products and services, expanding its reach. Second, it enables the business to show its commitment and support for disabled people.

The Upsides of Adding Digital Accessibility to Your Brand

Incorporating digital accessibility into your brand's website is more than just adhering to ADA web accessibility standards. It also provides your business with other benefits, as listed below.

Follows ADA compliance

Follows ADA compliance

If you own a commercial business, you are legally required to follow the ADA. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design, all electronics and information technology must be accessible to people with disabilities. There are around 3,500 digital accessibility lawsuits in the United States alone, which are time-consuming and costly. Having digital accessibility on your website prevents legal risks and penalties.

Improves brand awareness

Consumers today are more civic-minded. As such, they prefer socially responsible businesses. Accessibility on your site and in your app reflects your brand's commitment, support, and service to society.

Affects your reputation positively

If your business isn't digitally accessible, you jeopardize its credibility. One-third of your visitors have a disability or know someone with one. If you disregard these potential customers, they'll easily lose confidence in your brand.

Enhanced employee acquisition

Sometimes the best person for the job is someone who has a disability. If the job application page on your website is digitally accessible, it will be easy for disabled people who meet the job requirements to apply.

Improves staff retention

Something may happen that turns an employee into a disabled person. You risk losing their services and expertise if your digital content is unavailable to them. In the end, this could have a negative impact on your work culture and revenue.

Promotes equality

The human and civil rights of people with no disabilities are just the same as those with disabilities. It's only right that they all have equal rights of access to websites and apps too.

Attract more customers

Digital accessibility expands your market. Your digital products and tech must be compatible with assistive devices like screen readers and braille terminals. If an impaired visitor goes to your site and has digital access, they are more likely to shop from you than with anyone else.

Fosters brand loyalty

Fosters brand loyalty

Because it enables people to interact positively with your brand, digital accessibility fosters a good brand image. Consumers are more likely to become loyal customers if they have a pleasant experience with your business. As a result, they will recommend your brand to others.

The bottom line is that adding digital accessibility to your website and app is just the right thing to do, legally and ethically.

How to Add Accessibility to Your Brand Strategy

When your brand commits to digital accessibility, you need to let people know about it and tell them what your company stands for.

Assess and deliver

Evaluate your company's online presence. Add accessibility features where necessary. Keep auditing your digital space over time and try to predict which functions will need accessibility.

Seek expert assistance

You may do your own review, development, and delivery. But working with a niche expert is an excellent alternative. Adding digital accessibility can have an impact on web design. When you work with an expert, you spare yourself the headaches that coding and design may cause.

The difference between a good and a great business is how equally they treat their customers. ADA Web Accessibility can aid your brand in this regard. We supply ADA web accessibility compliance solutions to ensure you can serve all your clients and leads, handicapped or otherwise.