ADA Compliance

  • Web Accessibility: Beginners Guide 2023

    The internet space should be available for everyone, no matter a person's physical abilities or lack thereof. Web accessibility is creating websites that can make the online experience attainable regardless of the hardware, software, language, location, and physical limitations. 


    Take a deep dive into the beginner's guide to Web Accessibility here.

  • WCAG Facts Every Business With an Online Presence Should Know

    WCAG identifies how to make your website, app, or any other digital resources accessible to people with disabilities. Make certain that your business website is accessible for all. Read more here. 
  • How to Write Alt Text for Accessibility

    The solution is alt text. The issue is that alt text is often overused or ignored. Get informed & learn alt text accessibility best practices for your business. 
  • Improving Brand Strategy with ADA Web Accessibility

    ADA web accessibility removes the barriers that prevent individuals with disabilities from accessing digital technologies, such as websites. People are becoming increasingly observant on choosing brands, products, and services that show a high level of social responsibility.
  • Reducing Barriers to Online Access for People with Disabilities

    To ensure that the inclusionary promise of digital technologies is achieved, an intentional and systemic effort is needed to improve your website experience. Be aware of the message you are consenting. And learn tips and tools that will help your business improve your website experience. 
  • What is ADA compliance: It Goes Beyond Accessibility

    Disabilities shouldn’t hinder people’s access to information and services, but many businesses still neglect ADA compliance. 

    Find out how you can make a difference for the betterment of others and your business. 

  • How an ADA-compliant website can improve your SEO

    A large number of people around the world live with some form of physical or visual disability, and most are regular internet users. Which means ...
  • Top 3 Benefits of ADA Compliance for Your Website and Business

    More than 60% of U.S.-based adults with a disability own a laptop or desktop PC while 72% have their own smartphones. Moreover, 75% of them use the Internet daily. If there are over 40 million in America who have a disability, government and business offices have a huge responsibility to stay accountable when it comes to web accessibility.
  • ADA Law: Defining Disability Inclusive Physical and Digital Facilities

    The Americans with Disabilities Act—more popularly referred to as ADA—upholds the need to make physical structures and digital services accessible...
  • Understanding Deafness and the Value of Adaptive Web Design

    ADA Web Accessibility specializes in web development and design that caters to people with disabilities. We have the technology and know-how to make your web pages more user-friendly through captions and transcripts.
  • ADA Lawsuits Are Rising. How Can Your Business Avoid Them?

    Public accommodations must provide people with disabilities with equal access to their facilities, services, and merchandise under Title III of the ADA. Few companies openly or consciously discriminate against customers with disabilities, although content limitations do happen when accessibility is not prioritized.
  • Building an Inclusive Internet Through ADA Website Compliance

    The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was created to prevent discrimination against people with disabilities. This allows them to have equal opportunities in all areas of public life like schools, jobs, transportation, access to public & private places, and telecommunications.