Maximizing Disabled Market Opportunities

Maximizing Disabled Market Opportunities

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According to statistics, 61 million adult Americans are disabled. That's one in four Americans, but despite the size of this potential market, targeting the disabled demographic is challenging. Disabilities come in all forms and sizes, and disabled people don't usually disclose their status. There are also no concentrated places in cities and towns where people with disabilities live.

How then can you reach the disabled market? To connect with potential disabled customers and workers, your company must know how to reach them both on the ground and digitally.

Does Your Company Serve the Disabled Market?

Americans with disabilities have significantly higher purchasing power (disposable and discretionary incomes) than minorities who are more identified and marketed to (Black and Hispanic communities). However, most companies entirely disregard the disabled market. If they do have a marketing plan in place, they usually miss the mark. Despite the reality that disabled persons have unique needs, marketers often target them with generic ads that marginalize, stereotype, or misrepresent them.

Marketing Strategies for Reaching Disabled Customers

When you are that much more aware of what people with different disabilities need, your company will be able to reach out to them for work or business.

Go straight to the source

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Knowing your audience is key to marketing to them, and the best approach to getting market access is to go right to the source. You can construct an accurate buyer persona with a disabled member on your marketing team, or hold focus group discussions to learn the genuine demands and concerns of the target population.

Making your company’s website accessible to disabled people is a brilliant start. PWDs can’t use your website if it takes too long to load or is difficult to use. Hiring an ADA-compliant website provider to improve your site’s UX, UI, content, and structure is a smart business decision.

Support local disabled communities

Provide support to the local community for persons with disabilities. Encourage your staff to attend disability-focused public meetings. Show up at PWD-organized events and do business with disabled entrepreneurs. Invite handicapped job seekers to apply for vacant positions, encourage disability-owned suppliers to work with your company, and invite PWDs to buy your products and support your business.

Work with organizations for the disabled

Find credible voices in the PWD community by teaming up with local disability organizations that promote cross-disability success and independence. Encourage your employees to volunteer at local non-profits that help disabled individuals and diverse communities. You can also collaborate with disabled local micro-influencers.

The best collaborations will provide your company with valuable resources and tools as well as access to a large consumer base.

Show your support

Make your company’s brand more inclusive by working with disabled individuals as models and spokespersons. Representation matters. PWDs will have more reason to trust your brand if they see you collaborating with disabled people.

Reach Disabled Clients with ADA-Compliant Websites

ADA Web Accessibility can help you make a website accessible to the disabled demographic. Our online accessibility solution is ADA compliant, and can provide companies with  a non-discriminatory, law-abiding digital marketing tool that serves the disabled community at its best.


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